I am proud to present Operation Cooperative, a 2-player, asymmetrical spy game for VR and mobile. This game constitutes the culminating computer science project for the majors of myself and my five wonderful teammates; Sedat Ceyhan, Amber E. Liu, Kala Goyal, Lauren Gray, and John Brady. Over the 20 weeks that we worked on this project, I collaborated on a variety of aspects, including game design, story design, and networking, but my favorite contribution was definitely the maze minigame, which acts as a challenge to open a safe in the overarching game. This maze, which is on the six faces of a cube, randomly generates using a DFS implementation. While normally the mobile player is helping the VR player navigate (by reporting what they see on a live-updating floorplan), the maze minigame reverses these roles. The VR player can see the full maze in 3D space, while the mobile player is navigating a sphere through the maze from a 3rd-person perspective resembling classic Wolfenstein.

Feel free to find out more on our Medium article, or watch the full demo on YouTube.

Operation Cooperative thumbnail


  • Framework: Unity
  • Language: C#
  • Hardware: Oculus Quest, Android